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The digital system controller has been one of the fastest developing areas of signal processing in recent years. This is principally because it allows designers to combine a number of key control functions within a single device, thereby lowering overall costs and adding convenience. Unfortunately, in many cases the relevance of the audio performance of the device has been overshadowed by the ‘bells and whistles’ functionality of the unit, ultimately somewhat defeating the object of the exercise. With the new KLARK TEKNIK Helix DN9848E system controller, no compromise has been made in either the feature set or the audio performance.

The Helix DN9848E brings a new level of flexibility to system control whether for live production or installation use. Since there is no preset routing within the device, it can be easily preprogrammed to perform almost any system-control task. Limiters and compressors on all outputs plus compressors on all inputs provide ultimate speaker control and protection, whilst no less than ninety-six bands of fully parametric EQ allow for both room and system equalisation. Best of all, there’s enough processing power onboard to allow every function to be available all the time, regardless of what is already in use.

The DN9848E System Controller features AES/EBU digital inputs as standard. Whilst the internal sample rate of the DN9848E unit remains at 48kHz, these digital connections are all 96 kHz compatible allowing easy interface with any other digital device featuring the higher sample rate. The unit now features a dual port Ethernet communications interface. This is to facilitate much faster communication, response and metering when controlling multiple units, than was previously possible with serial comms.

The DN9848E incorporates some customer-requested operational additions. The user-configurability of the unit includes full matrix mixing capability between inputs and outputs, providing an unequalled level of flexibility. Whilst programming, inputs or outputs can now be ‘ganged’ so that the user can enter program data into one input or output menu and all connected inputs or outputs will be simultaneously updated. Input and output parameters can also be copied from one to another. The internal memory structure has also been revised such that it is now possible to back up the RAM-based system memories into non-volatile flash memory.

The proprietary ELGAR software coupled with Helix System Controller Remote Control Software (RCS) Add-In allows simple up-and-down-loading of system parameters into the FLASH memory locations, as well as storage and transmission of system information.

Should for example you need a new system configuration to be loaded into a unit on the other side of the world? No problem, simply email the ELGAR file to wherever it needs to go, it can then be uploaded into the unit in seconds.

Configuration Data
  • 4 input and 8 outputs, 1RU
  • 12 delay lines / 16 all-pass filters / 16 hi & lo pass
  • 4 comps / 8 look-ahead limiters / 96 bands of PEQ
  • Grouping facility allows unique system control
  • All facilities available all the time Full matrix mixing between inputs and outputs
  • Ganging of inputs and outputs
  • Input and outputs parameters can be copied between one another
  • All facilities available all of the time
  • Flash memory locations
  • Dual Ethernet ports AES/EBU digital inputs
  • Totally flexible routing allows DN9848E to run almost any type, configuration or make of system
  • It also allows amp racks to be truly multi-functional because they can be reconfigured to any application quickly and with no re-patching
  • Full Remote control, wired or wireless, via PC and ELGAR and System Controller Remote Control Software