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Helix DN9344E is a fantastic example of how clever digital design can make products smaller and lighter without sacrificing functionality. Helix DN9344E Quad EQ is actually, as the name suggests, TWO complete DN9340E Helix Dual EQ units in just a single rackspace device, providing four discrete or two pairs of stereo-linked channels of multi-configurable EQ, that can be controlled singly or as part of a larger system from a single DN9340E Helix Dual EQ, or via Helix EQ Remote Control Software (RCS). Up to 64 channels can be controlled from one master unit or the RCS. Additionally the 31 band graphic function of the unit can be controlled via the unique DN9331 RAPIDE with its 31 motorised 100mm faders. Perfect for installations, it is also fitted with contact closures to allow for memory recall by a mechanical device.

The principal operational advantage of the Helix DN9344E is that it offers all the functionality of several standalone devices in one package, thus saving massively on both cost and rackspace. For instance, enough EQ for a 24-way monitor mix plus two sidefills will fit into just SIX rackspaces (six DN9344E Quad EQs), at a comparative cost to the same number of channels of top-class analogue graphic EQ.

The Helix DN9344E also features AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs as standard, complete with word clock sync inputs. Whilst the internal sample rate of all DN9340/44E units remain at 48kHz/44.1kHz, these digital connections are all 96 kHz compatible allowing easy interface with any other digital device featuring the higher sample rate.

The DN9344E unit is equipped with dual port Ethernet communications interface. This is to facilitate much faster communication, response and metering between units than was previously possible with serial comms. The Ethernet ports allow for control of the units from a PC, either via Ethernet or wirelessly with the Helix EQ Remote Control Software (RCS) an ELGAR Add-In.

Configuration Data
  • Two complete Helix DN9340E in 1 RU
  • Dual Ethernet ports
  • AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs
  • Word clock sync port
  • Full Remote control, wired or wireless, via PC and ELGAR and EQ Remote Control Software
  • Link to DN9331 Rapide for instant access to graphic functions
  • Backwards compatible to non Ethernet DN9344 using Ethernet to serial converters