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The DN500 Plus series utilises a ‘THAT’s’ chip which features lower distortion, improved dynamic range and faster slew rate.

The DN500 Plus is our dual compressor / limiter / expander which is characterised by its extremely quiet operation, typically >2dB quieter than any comparable product. This alone has made it a broadcast-industry standard for many years. The two channels are linkable for true stereo operation, and both the compressor and expander sections are fitted with their own sidechain inputs.

The DN504 Plus Quad Compressor has enjoyed hugely increased popularity in recent years, due to the ever expanding use of in-ear monitor systems. This is because the unit can be configured into two stereo pairs, has all the superlative audio performance of the DN500 Plus, and fits two sets of stereo compression into just one rack space. This configuration also makes it extremely cost effective.

DN514 Plus has become one of the industry standard multi-gate devices for both recording and live applications. Providing the same superb audio performance as its other 500 Plus - series, DN514 Plus packs four channels of frequency conscious gating into just 1RU. This provides a significant operational advantage, being able to tailor the operation of each gate to a specific frequency range.

Configuration Data

DN500 Plus Overview
Dual Compressor / Limiter Expander

  • Two channels of full function compression, expansion, limiting and peak clipping in one unit of rack space
  • Variable knee control for compression styles from hard to easy
  • Auto attack/release mode for inaudible compression and easy set-up
  • Manual attack/release mode for creating compression effects
  • Advanced VCA design for extremely low noise and distortion
  • Flexible expander section features variable ratio for gentle expansion or hard gating
  • Separate side chain inputs are provided for compressor and expander sections
  • A peak limiter with variable threshold and programme related release provides additional protection
  • Peak clipper eliminates transient overload and tracks limiter threshold for total protection
  • Additional features include stereo link function, gain reduction meters for both compressor/expander sections and output level meter
DN504 Plus Overview
Quad Compressor / Limiter
  • Four channels of full function “quick to set” compression in only one unit of rack space.
  • Switchable knee function provides for both hard and soft compression styles
  • Auto attack/release mode for inaudible compression and easy set-up
  • Manual attack/release mode for creating compression effects
  • Advanced VCA design for extremely low noise and distortion
  • Separate side chain inputs are provided for each channel
  • Gain reduction and output level metering is provided for each channel
  • Additional features include stereo link function which provides two pairs of stereo channels
  • XLR connectors fitted as standard for main audio terminations, with transformer balancing available as an option
DN514 Plus Overview
Quad Auto Gate

  • Four frequency-conscious high performance gates in one single unit of rack space
  • Optimised for fast set up and dependable triggering for every conventional gate application
  • With two semi-automatic Attack Modes and hold time automatically scaled to release value, the DN514 Plus combines outstanding dynamic performance with simplified control
  • Unique sync function synchronises harmony parts, brass section, etc., by interlocking all four gate release times
  • Advanced VCA design for low noise and distortion
  • Additional key inputs for each channel allows triggering from external sources
  • Side chain monitor function simplifies filter set-up
  • Threshold and release LED’s provide visual information regarding gate status. Release contour indicated by release LED
  • Both Master and channel bypass switches are provided to aid set-up